Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Teams

Product Launch & Grassroots Consumer Engagemeent

In 2005, Scully Offroad was approached by Toyota Motor Sales to pull off a unique grassroots marketing campaign. Toyota wanted to launch the FJ Cruiser by taking the car to Toyota enthusiasts and allowing them to experience the FJ Cruiser off road. The goal of this campaign was to show the off road community that the FJ Cruiser was worthy of being classified as an ‘off-road’ vehicle and lived up to it’s Land Cruiser heritage.

In 2006, the Scully Offroad team attended every major Toyota Land Cruiser Association, Toyota Territory Off-roaders Association, and major 4wd club event in the continental United States. At the start of most of these events, consumers were skeptical about the FJ Cruiser being able to keep up with the venerable FJ40. Our team successfully showed consumers that the FJ Cruiser could not only keep up, but that it was, in fact, far more capable in its modern state.

“Off-road, the FJ is the real deal”

-Truck Test Digest

After 3 years on the road, the program effectively penetrated a market filled with 10 to 20 year old vehicles. Today, the FJ Cruiser is named one of the highest resale value vehicles on the road. This is primarily because of its grassroots following as an enthusiast vehicle – one that everyone wants to take in the dirt.